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Boca Raton Municipal Cemetery and Mausoleum - Section I
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Beloved Mother and Grandmother. She will be loved and missed and foreve...
In Loving Memory
Beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Forever in our hearts.
Always in our hearts.
Love is so simple, love is so true, it only takes a smile, a hug, a kiss...
Forever in our hearts.
PFC US Army World War II
In Loving Memory
Forever in our hearts
How long we live, not years, but actions tell. Absent in the body, pres...
Beloved Daughter and Sister.
Beloved Mother, Sitto, Sister and friend.
Beloved Parents
Beloved mother and grandmother.
Beloved Mom
An Angel Has Left Us
Devoted Wife, Mother and grandmother.
Loving wife, mother and grandmother. Your kind, loving soul is now with...
Beloved mother, grandmother, sister and best friend.
We love and miss you always - Lauren, Cory, Chuck & Patty
CPL US Marine Corps WWII, Purple Heart, Beloved Father and Husband. Res...
TEC 5 US Army World War II
Loving Husband and dad.
Those we love are never really lost to us for everywhere their special l...
Beloved husband & father. You will forever be in our hearts. Nury and ...
Loving Husband and Father of Four. A Man Like Abel - Hebrews 11:4
Beloved husband, father, grandfather.
Beloved Father & Grandfather.
Loving husband
US Army Air Forces 1st LT World War II
UnknownIn God's Loving Care
Beloved Father
Beloved Son, Brother and Friend. In our hearts forever.
Beloved Husband and Father. Vet WWII USAF Purple Heart
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather. Sgt US Army WWII
Loving Wife
Forever in our hearts. Son, Brother and Friend.
The love, joy & laughter of our lives. Our beloved "Bubba."
The field of education lost a great scholar.
De su esposa e hijos
Loving Wife, Mother, Daughter & Friend.
Beloved Mother and Sister
US Army
MM3 US Navy, World War II
Husband, Father & Friend
Beloved Husband, Father & Son.
Love One Another as I have Loved You
Loving Wife & Mother.
Loving Mother and Grandmother.
Beloved Mother
Wonderful Mother and Cherished Mom Mom
Beloved Parents
PVT US Army Korea, Husband, Father, Grandpa
PVT US Army, Vietnam
Loving Husband, Father, Pop-Pop & Friend.
Beloved Mother and Grandmother.
Do Not Store Up for Yourselves Treasures on Earth. But Store up Treasur...
Our Beautiful Little Boy
Our beautiful boy, we'll miss you.
There will never be another. We love you, Mom, Dad and Laura
CPL US Army, World War II
Angel gone home. Remembering you at sunset. Forever in our hearts.
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere...
UnknownOur Loving Son. Forever in our hearts.
CPL US Marine Corps
UnknownBeloved Wife and Mother
Our Love For You Will Never Die.
We miss our beautiful daughter with all our heart.
Our Son, Brother and Friend. An Incredible Gift from God. 10-3/4 years...
US Army Korea. Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather.
Our Mouther, My Wife, Your Life Made Our Family.
Ran the race... Finished the course... Kept the faith
SSGT US Marine Corps
US Army, World War II
Forever in our hearts.
In our hearts forever.
Beloved Father
Beloved Mother and Nanny. Forever in our hearts.
And Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest.
Loving Husband, Father and Poppy
Be Kind, Because Everyone is Fighting a Hard Battle.
Together Forever. Mother & Daughter.
Beautiful Mom, Loving Wife.
Beloved Mother & Grandmother.
Our Beloved Son, Brother and Uncle.
Beloved Son, Brother and Grandson. Although his stay was brief, his pre...
US Marine Corps, World War II
Cherished son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend
Beloved husband and father
Beloved Mother, Wife, Daughter and friend.
Beloved Mother and Yiayia. May her memory be eternal.
Beloved mother.
You will live forever in our hearts. We will treasure the memories of ...
Beloved Mother, Grandmother.
Heaven is in her heart.
Beloved Son & Brother.
Loving Wife of Louis & Devoted Mother
Beloved Wife and Mother
Loving Mother, Granny and Teacher
Forever in our hearts.
Beloved Mother, Best Friend & Grandmother.
QMS2 US Navy World War II Korea
With our eternal love
Our angel
Wonderful Father. Caring, Loving Husband.
Beloved husband, father, coach - We love you
Beloved husband, father and Jiddu. In our hearts forever.
UnknownBeloved Husband & Father.
Until we meet again.
Veteran WWII, George we will love you always
Beloved Son and Brother, Safe in the Arms of Jesus.
To the best father and husband in the world.
Beloved Patriarch
Beloved son, husband, father and grandfather. Loving memories last fore...
Beloved Wife & Mother.
Ti Amo Per Sempre
Rest in Peace
Beloved Wife, Mother & Oma
Beloved Father. Gone but not forgotten.
UnknownBlessed are the children for they shall inherit the earth.
UnknownGone to be an angel. From our hearts to God's Hands.
Beloved Husband and Father. In Our Hearts Forever.
SGT US Marine Corps, Korea
Beloved Wife, Mother, Granny & Friend.
Forever Loved
Beloved Husband and Father
A brilliant star
Safe in the arms of Jesus. Our deepest love to the sweetest lady and mo...
Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather
Beloved Wife, Mother & Friend.
Forever in our hearts
Beloved mother and grandmother.
Beloved wife, mom and grandmom
In Love and Memory. You're home with your mother. She will be so proud...
Pilot WW II
Together Forever
I'll See You in Heaven.
You will always be our angel; the wind beneath our wings. We will miss ...
Beloved Brother and Father
Beloved Dad
Beloved mother & Boppie. We will love you forever.
Here lies a beloved father.
Beloved daughter, sister and aunt. Our heavenly angel.
US Navy 48-52. Beloved Parents and Grandparents.
Beautiful Mind, heart & Smile. That was our Jimmy.
Husband, Dad, Grandad
PFC US Army World War II
In God's Loving Care
PFC US Army, World War II
Loving memories Last Forever.
Beloved Parents
US Air Force
Forever in our hearts
Jesus set me free! Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior?
Loving Wife, Mother, Sister & Aunt.
Beloved son, grandson, nephew and cousin.
Beloved Husband and Father
We love you Nena. Forever in our hearts.
Loving wife & mother
Shining Light - You Will Be With us Forever.
Beloved Husband, Loving Father, Son & Brother.
UnknownOur Little Angel
Beloved Wife & Mother.
Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother.
Loving Daughter, Mother, Sister, Friend.
Beloved Daughter, Sister & Friend. Your Precious Light will Shine Forever.
Love Never Fails
To Our Always Twinkling little Star - The Bravest Boy. Forever Loved, F...
Forever in our hearts.
Together Forever.
Adventurous, Curious & A True Friend. That was our Johnny.
US Navy, World War II
US Marines WWII
US Marine Corps
PHMI US Navy World War II
Loved so much. Gone too soon.
Our Beloved son, Brother and Grandson.
Those we love don't walk away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, u...
Our beloved son, you showed yourself in a dream before coming to this wo...
Our awesome son, the memories remain of how you shined & lived the good ...
In God's Loving Care
Beloved Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and Uncle. Forever the W...
Beloved Husband, Dad and Grandpa
UnknownOur Little Angel
The Captain Docks Here. In our hearts always & forever. We love & miss...
Forever in our hearts.
Husband, Son, Brother & Friend. We Love You.
SI US Navy, World War II
Our Beloved Son
Loving husband and father. You will be forever in our hearts.
Devoted Daughter and Sister we love and miss you.
Beloved daughter, sister and aunt.
UnknownBeloved wife, mother, grandmother.
Husband - Father
Forever in our hearts. May the Lord bless you and keep you in his glory.
Our Beloved Son
Beloved Husband, Son, Brother & Friend. We Love you Sooo Much. You wil...
Beloved Daughter, Friend & Wife. Safely home with mum, brother, and her...
In Love Forever. Always Together.
Beloved wife and mother
The Greatest Love of all - Mom
Forever in Our Hearts.
UnknownBeloved Baby Daughter
Adored, Loving Husband & Father. He looked and loved. What a wonderful...
For one with so many talents, the curtain never falls.
We that you so because you loved us so much.
Beloved Daughter and Sister
BM2 US Army, World War II
Beloved Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend. Forever in our hearts.
Beloved Wife
Beloved husband, father, son & brother
US Army, World War II
Beloved husband, father and friend.
A3C US Air Force. Loving Dad and Papa.
1st LT WWII, Beloved Husband, Father and grandfather.
In Loving Memory.
Beloved Mother, Nanny, Sister and Wife
Beloved Wife, Mom and Grandma
Daughter, Mom, Gigi, Sister and Friend. She loved life, family, friends...
Beloved wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. The wind beneath our...
Home with the Lord singing his praises.
Wife, Daughter, Sister and Devoted Mother to Kaije and Kaymen.
Beloved Husband, Father, Son and Brother.
God took you home, it was his will. But in our hearts, you liveth still.
In God's Loving Care. Beloved Wife and Mother.
Beloved Wife, Mother & Mimi
Beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother
Beloved Mother and Grandmother
Nuestra Querida Mama
Beloved Sister, Mother & Grandmother
Beloved Son, Brother & Uncle.
Beloved Husband, Father and Son. "Are you talking to me?"
Always in our hearts.
In Loving Memory. "Unforgettable... that's what you are."
Beloved Mutti and Grossmutti
Blessed & Beloved Mother & Grandmother.
Forever Loved
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.
Beloved Mother
Loving memories Last Forever.
Loving Husband, Dad, Grandpa. Always in our hearts.
She is loved and missed every day and will forever hold a special place ...
Oh Lord you have freed me from my bonds and I will serve you forever. -P...
Forever in our hearts
Our Precious and Cherished Gift from God - You are so dearly loved. Joh...
Rest in Peace
Beloved Son, Brother and Uncle. Forever in our hearts.
Remembered Fondly by Family and Friends
CAPT US Marine Corps, Vietnam
US Army. Beloved Husband and Father.
In Our Hearts Forever
Forever in Our Hearts
He who loved others more than himself.
He Loved His Wife, He Loved His Children, God Bless you Pa.
Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather.
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather. A Man of Integrity.
There are three things that last: faith, hope and love. And the greates...
Beloved mother & grandmother. Forever in our hearts.
Beloved wife, mother, grandmother
Devoted husband, father and grandfather.
US Navy World War II
CPL US Army World War II
Her husband Souhail, her children and grandchildren, rest in the assuran...
Loving Father
Adored Son & Brother
A Wonderful Wife, Daughter, Mother, Grandmother
Beloved Wife. Our Love's Embrace Will Be Forever.
In Loving Memory
Beloved mother, sister and aunt.
He loved his family and life
Always in our hearts.
US Navy World War II
US Navy World War II
US Army World War II, Beloved husband and father.
Beloved Mother and Grandmother
Our Beautiful Angel.
Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather.
Beloved Parents
We Love You
Beloved Wife. Buried at sea.
Beloved Husband, Father and Son
You Gave My Life Direction. Beloved Daddy, Son & Brother.
Our Father & Friend Who Will Always Be With us. You're a Winner!
Beloved Husband and Father.
Loving Father and grandfather.
Beloved Husband & Father
Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather.
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather & Brother.
Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Friend. Fovever in Our Hearts.
Beloved son, brother and uncle.
The Gracious Hand of My God was Upon Me. NEH 2:8
PFC US Marine Corps Korea
Beloved Husband and Father.
Beloved Husband and father.
Beloved Husband
Beloved Son & Brother
Beloved son and brother. Forever at peace.
RD2 US Navy
Beloved Wife. Together Forever.
Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Sister. Have fought a good fight. ...
Beloved Wife and Mother.
Beloved Mother
Devoted Wife
Beloved wife, mother and grandmother. You are the wind beneath our wing...
We Love You
SP4 US Army Vietnam
Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandfather.
Beloved Sister, Aunt & Great Aunt
Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather.
Beloved Parents
Beloved sister, wife, mother and grandmother.
Beloved Husband-Father. Together Forever.
US Army World War II
Love You Forever.
Together Forever
Beloved son, brother, uncle & friend. Forever in our hearts.
I'm not going to die. I'm going home like a shooting star. Sojourner T...
We love and miss you. We will see you again.
We are all from God, and we shall return to Him.
Always in Our Hearts.
UnknownOur beloved Son
Beloved Father & Grandfather
Beloved Wife & Mother. We Miss You.
Our Beloved Sister
Beloved Mom
Beloved Momiaki
His children and grandchildren honor him for his exemplary life of unswe...
UnknownUnknownWell done my good and faithful servant. Matthew 25:23
He lives forever in the hearts of his wife Missie and daughters Katie an...
Love you forever and ever
Beloved Daughter - Sister - Mother
Beloved Mother & Grandmother
Beloved husband, father and jiddo. Forever in our hearts.
You found the key to our hearts and you will live there forever.
Forever in our hearts. Love Dad, Mom, Kylie & Alexa
Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Sister. In Loving Memory.
Forever in our hearts. Beloved daughter and sister.
Together Forever
Beloved Husband, Father, Son and Brother. Forever in our hearts.
Beloved Son & Brother.
Forever in our hearts.
Beloved Husband and Father
US Navy World War II
May the road rise up to meet you.
Tommy, my husband, our friend, you will always be loved.
Best father ever. We miss you Jakey-Boy.
I Love You In My Heart
In God's Loving Care
In Loving Memory
Our Little Angel
He lived his life to the fullest and he will be forever in our hearts.
Beloved Husband - Father
Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother.
It is what it is.
UnknownBeloved Wife - Mother
Beloved wife and mother
Beloved wife and mother.
CPL US Marine Corps, World War II
WOJG US Army, World War II
MAJ US Army World War II
In memory of our beloved Mr October. We continue to celebrate your life...
Devoted Husband, Loving Father, Trusted Friend
Loving husband, father, brother, uncle & friend.
T SGT US Army World War II
Devoted Husband, Father and Poppie. He Loved and was Loved.
Beloved Mother and Grandmother.
In Loving Memory
In God's Loving Care
In God's Loving Care
Notre Daddy
Angel of our hearts
Go hard!
Forever in our hearts.

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