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Star of David Memorial Gardens - Garden of Ararat
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Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather
Beloved Husband Father and Grandfather
Beloved Father and Grandfather
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather Always In Our...
Loved - Admired - Wise
Beloved Husband, Father / Son and Brother / Forever in Our Hearts
UnknownInterred September 18 2009 / Garden of Ararat, Lot 548 / Interment: 37605
Beloved husband, Father / and Grandfather / He was Loved by all
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather I Could Fly Higher Than an Eagle ...
Beloved husband, father, grandfather
Beloved Wife / Mother, Grandmother / And Great Grandmother
Beloved Wife / Mother and Grandmother
Adored wife sister and Aunt / Our other mother
We'll love you forever / We'll like you for Always / As long as we're li...
Beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother "Forever in our hearts"
Beloved Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother Always in Our H...
Adored wife, mother and grandmother
Beloved Husband Father Grandfather Forever In Our Hearts
Te adoramos admiramos y extranamos / Princesa Gracias Por tu Bondad! / S...
UnknownInterred January 14, 2009, Garden of Ararat, Space 537, Interment: 36788
Beloved Wife / Mother, Grandmother / Great Grandmother and Sister
A rare and special person / Devoted to keeping / Her Family together
Together Forever
Beloved Husband, Father / Grandfather, Great-Grandfather / Brother
Loving Husband and Father / Forever in our Hearts
Beloved Husband / Father and Grandfather
Beloved Wife, Mother / Grandmother and Sister
Loving Husband / Devoted Father / And Grandfather / Honorary Doctor
Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather "Fantastic"
Beloved husband
Beloved Wife
Adored Wife, Loving Mother, Devoted Grandmother
Beloved Husband / Father & Grandfather
Beloved Wife
Always and Forever
Beloved Husband
Loving Husband Father Grandpa and Brother "In Living Memory"
Beloved husband, father, and grandfather
Beloved Husband, father / Grandfather
Beloved Son, Devoted Father / Cherished Nephew & Cousin, Loyal friend / ...
Beloved Wife, Mother / Grandmother & Great-Grandmother
Beloved husband, father, grandfather
In Loving Memory
A very special beloved man
Devoted Husband, Father, Grandfather & Friend A Man of Honesty, Decency...
Beloved husband, father, grandfather
Adored husband father and grandfather
United States Marine Corps / Beloved Husband / Father, Grandfather / Gra...
Always and Forever
Our beloved Ima
Beloved Husband And Father
Beloved Husband / Father and Grandfather
UnknownInterred February 11 2009, Garden of Ararat, Space 562, Intermnet: 36891
UnknownInterred November 16, 2009 Garden of Ararat, Space 677 Interment: 37791
Loving Wife, Mother, Grandma And Sister "Forever In Our Hearts"
UnknownInterred March 13, 2009 / Garden of Ararat, Space 609 / Interment: 37002
UnknownInterred March 13, 2009. Garden of Ararat, Space 560, Interment: 37005
Beloved Husband, Loving Father, Devoted Grandfather
Beloved wife, Mother / Grandmother, Great-Grandmother
Beloved Husband / Father, Grandfather / Great Grandfather and Brother
Beloved Son and brother / A Devoted and caring Physician
Devoted husband, father and grandfather
Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather
Beloved Husband / Father, Brother
Beloved Husband
Loving Wife / Mother & Grandmother
Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother
Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother
Beloved Friend
Beloved Husband / Father & Grandfather
Beloved Wife, Daughter / Sister, Mother / & Grandmother / In Our hearts ...
Beloved wife, mother / and Grandmother
Beloved husband, father, brother, grandfather / a compassionate, loving ...
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather / Always in our Hearts
Beloved wife / Mother & Grandmother
Beloved Wife, Mother and Grandmother
UnknownInterred July 14 2009, Garden of Ararat, Space 475, Interment: 37407
Beloved Son and brother / In Memory of our "Buddy"
Beloved husband, father & grandfather. Remembered with love
UnknownInterred November 13, 2009; Garden of Ararat, Space 734; Interment: 37775
Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather
UnknownUnknownBeloved Wife, Dear Mother / Adored Grandmother / In Our Hearts Forever
Beloved mother and best friend / grandmother great-grandmother
UnknownUnknownAdored Husband and Partner / Devoted Father / Cherished Grandfather / Lo...
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather / Great-Grandfather / Great-Great-G...
Beloved Husband / Father and Grandfather / Always in our hearts
The Most Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend Forever and Always
Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother. A True Mensch
Loving Wife, Adored Mother / Grandmother, Daughter / Devoted Sister
Beloved Wife, Mother & Grandmother We Love You Dearly and You Will Al...
Beloved wife, Mother / Grandmother, Sister
UnknownInterred August 20, 2009 / Garden of Ararat, Space 827 / Interment: 37525
Loving Husband / Father & Grandfather
Beloved daughter, sister, aunt
Beloved husband and loving father to A-Z
Beloved wife / Mother, Grandmother
Beloved Father, Grandfather / Son and Husband

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